Shipping Worldwide.

80% Cotton. 20% Polyester. 100% Reborn.

15 million tonnes of textile waste is generated each year.

The fashion industry consumes more energy than the aviation & shipping industry combined. That's 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Denim is one of the most polluting garments. It takes 10000 liters of water to make one pair of jeans.

Introducing Denim 2.0

Waste fabric scraps & discarded clothes are collected

Plastic bottles are collected and cleaned

Textile waste is sorted by colour

Bottles chopped into flakes

Zips & buttons are taken off + Material is chopped

Flakes melted

Colour fibre is ready to be spun into thread

Melted flakes are extruded and texturised to form polyester fibre

Cotton and polyester combined to form yarn

Yarn is woven into fabric without using new dye or chemicals

Reborn fabric used to make our new denim styles.

Denim For Girls Who Will Change The World